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Special-Lite manufactures engineered architectural products, which includes commercial entrance systems, interior aluminum (Type II) framing with swing or sliding aluminum framed doors, and FRP restroom partitions. Their interior and exterior complete entrance system products are fiberglass or aluminum flush doors with many door face texture options including wood grain, aluminum monumental (stile & rail) doors, fiberglass and aluminum framing. Their engineered, made to order architectural products are used in new construction and renovation projects for educational, commercial, institutional, industrial and municipal applications.

FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Doors

  • SL-17 Pebble Grain FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Door
  • SL-18 Colonial Wood Grain FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Doors
  • SL-19 Rustic Wood Grain FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Doors
  • SL-19-1 Contemporary Wood Grain FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Door
  • SL-20 Sandstone Texture FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Door.
  • BasiX Commercial Service FRP Door

Fiberglass Doors

  • AF-100 Smooth Pultruded Fiberglass Door
  • AF-200 Smooth Composite Fiberglass Door
  • AF-217 Pebble Grain Composite Fiberglass Door
  • AF-219 Rustic Wood Grain Composite Fiberglass Doors
  • AF-219-1 Contemporary Wood Grain Composite Fiberglass Doors
  • AF-220 Sandstone Textured Composite Fiberglass Door

Fire Rated Doors

  • SL-17FR Pebble Grain FRP/Stainless Steel Fire-Rated Door
  • SL-19FR Rustic Wood Grain FRP/Stainless Steel Fire-Rated Door
  • SL-19-1FR Contemporary Wood Grain FRP/Stainless Steel Fire-Rated Door
  • SL-20FR Sandstone Texture FRP/Stainless Steel Door
  • AF-200FR Smooth Fire-Rated Fiberglass Door
  • AF-217FR Pebble Grain Fire-Rated Fiberglass Door
  • AF-219FR Rustic Wood Grain Fire Door
  • AF-219-1FR Contemporary Wood Grain Fire Door
  • AF-220FR Sandstone Textured Fire-Rated Fiberglass Door
  • FireSafe20
  • SL-15 Wide Stile Monumental Door