Sargent & Greenleaf

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Sargent and Greenleaf delivers proven security solutions that protect people and assets at home, at work, and in communities around the world. For the past 160+ years, their high-security locks and industry expertise have been trusted by governments, banks, and businesses of all kinds to meet their security needs and counter emerging threats. S&G’s portfolio of high-quality electronic and mechanical locks are used in a wide-range of applications including gun safes, commercial safes, ATMs, vaults, and highly sensitive SCIF environments. 

Electronic Locks

Marked by industry-leading design and secure innovation, Sargent and Greenleaf electronic safe locks and digital solutions elevate your security at home, at work, and in your community. Their electronic locks are easy to install and operate, easy to scale from local to international use, and proven in the world’s most sensitive high-security environments.

Mechanical Locks

Safe, vault, and equipment security starts with a trustworthy lock. Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical locks protect your assets with quality materials, design, and workmanship. Their locks are easy to install, easy to operate, and proven resistant to tampering and attack. 


Whatever you protect—in any application—Sargent and Greenleaf high-security padlocks provide tamper-proof security. Their padlocks help to secure high-security government applications, freight in transit, perimeter gates, outdoor storage facilities, interior cabinets, and more. Engineered for performance and durability, their high-security padlocks deliver proven security.

Pedestrian Door Lock

Named a Platinum Winner in Best Access Control Hardware by Government Security News and a Govie Award Winner by Security Today, the Sargent and Greenleaf 2890C solution combines a GSA-approved combination lock with an innovative life safety component. Designed to meet Federal Specification FF-L-2890C, their high security door lock protects critically secure environments while also allowing quick and easy emergency egress. S&G 2890C is the first and only product that meets the requirements outlined in Federal Specification FF-L-2890C.  Model 2890C is available in ten configurations on a modular platform, making it easy to standardize installation in government and commercial facilities. the Sargent and Greenleaf 2890 has a three-hour fire rating and five-year warranty when used with our 2740B lock.

Safe Locks

The Sargent and Greenleaf standard footprint makes it easy to upgrade your safe to one of the world’s most widely trusted safe lock brands. Their safe locks are used in a variety of applications in residential and commercial settings. Choose the features and functionality that best fit your application, including Bluetooth access, remote security, advanced audit and oversight, number of users, and a range of keypad styles and finishes.

Vault Locks

The Sargent and Greenleaf high-security vault lock portfolio includes a range of options to meet your usage and oversight requirements from vault doors to day gates. They offer audit and download options, as well as user limits, to ensure your security. Their vault locks are built for high-security and long performance life, with lower maintenance requirements and proven durability.

ATM Locks

Their engineers and product designers build ATM locks with the future in mind. Not only are their ATM solutions strong enough to withstand known attacks like jackpotting and side-channel exploitation, they also anticipate emerging threats through careful engineering and awareness of digital vulnerabilities.

Gun Safe Locks

Built to withstand even military-grade EMP attacks, Sargent and Greenleaf gun safe locks offer rugged, durable security for your collection. Their locks fit standard footprints and are easy to install and retrofit on most gun safes. Choose from a range of innovative features including Bluetooth-enabled access, biometrics, keypad-free locks, and secure mobile app control.