High Security Locks

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Kaba Mas CDX-10 High Security Pedestrian Door Lock

The Kaba Mas CDX-10 consists of a General Services Administration (GSA) approved, X-10 High Security combination lock mounted on a deadbolt base plate. The base plate is surface-mounted to the inside of the face of the door. The system provides a means of to use a GSA approved combination lock to secure pedestrian doors on Secure Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFS) and other secure spaces. Product features include:

  • A means of latching the primary locking bolt in the retracted position to allow authorized personnel to access the area through an access control system during operational hours of the facility
  • An inside knob that can be rotated to allow egress when the primary locking system is activated

The CDX-10 was approved by GSA to meet requirements specified in Federal Specification FF-L-2890B, Type V.

Sargent & Greenleaf

S&G 2890C

Named a Platinum Winner in Best Access Control Hardware by Government Security News and a Govie Award Winner by Security Today, the Sargent and Greenleaf 2890C solution combines a GSA-approved combination lock with an innovative life safety component. Designed to meet Federal Specification FF-L-2890C, our high security door lock protects critically secure environments while also allowing quick and easy emergency egress.

S&G 2890C is the first and only product that meets the requirements outlined in Federal Specification FF-L-2890C.  Model 2890C is available in ten configurations on a modular platform, making it easy to standardize installation in government and commercial facilities. the Sargent and Greenleaf 2890 has a three-hour fire rating and five-year warranty when used with our 2740B lock.