Hardware Pre-Install Services

Warren Doors & Access Control has developed a time-tested process for pre-installing hardware on doors and frames in our shops to ensure the highest quality installation and products ready to quickly install on the jobsite. Numerous benefits to pre-installing hardware will ensure that your next project will be an efficient success as our highly trained, experienced installers will tackle the most difficult installation tasks before doors and hardware arrive at the jobsite. We will complete installation from start-to-finish or we will work with your team to decide the best pre-installation options for your project. Doors and hardware are inspected and coordinated before they leave our shops and delivered by our team on custom-built racks that make transporting completed openings with ease and minimizing damage and loss to material that is typically stored on the jobsite prior to installation. Furthermore, pre-installation of hardware reduces the timeline needed for total opening installation and fast-tracks your project schedule. From projects with one door to projects with thousands of openings, Warren Doors & Access Control will provide cost-savings and high-quality installation to make your next project even more successful.