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Known throughout the industry as the “overhead door holder specialist,” Glynn-Johnson has made its name with state-of-the-art manufacturing and technology. Their portfolio also includes a full line of push/pull latches that are ideal for healthcare applications. Delivering both superior quality and exceptional performance, Glynn-Johnson products are offered in a wide variety of popular finishes and configurations providing the flexibility needed to meet the most demanding door control applications.

100 Series Holders and Stops

The 100 Series concealed holders and stops provide the most attractive and reliable heavy-duty door control available. They are designed for installation on virtually all types of doors mounted on conventional type butt hinges, pivots, continuous hinges, swing clear hinges and numerous other specialty hinges. When used in conjunction with many surface-applied door closers, the 100 Series holders and stops provide the most effective control for entrance doors and vestibule doors of all types, as well as heavy or often used interior doors.

510 & 550 Series Holders and Stops

Commercial and institutional projects require investing in quality doors, frames, and door closers by limiting the force of door swing. With high traffic and abuse, extending the life of your opening with an overhead is the way to go . Typically overhead models come in different sizes and functions, making it complicated for customers to stock, specify, install, or order exactly what you need. The new Glynn-Johnson 510 Concealed Series and 550 Surface Series heavy duty, adjustable overhead makes your investment not only smart, but simple. Simply stock one 510 or 550 and it is versatile enough to replace dozens of skus in inventory, making this the most comprehensive overhead available in the market today. 

90 Series Holders and Stops

The 90 Series holders and stops are extremely versatile and can be used in conjunction with most surface-applied door closers. All models incorporate a heavy-duty channel/slide-arm design and offset jamb bracket. This unique design allows for simple field modification of functions, should user requirements change.

81 Series Holders and Stops

The 81 Series are surface-mounted holders and stops that offer the most effective shock-absorbing capacity, helping protect doors, frames and hardware. They provide rugged, heavy-duty door control. The jointed-arm design provides the most effective stop mechanism available. The shock absorber bracket is surface mounted, usually with sex bolts. The jamb bracket is mounted to the stop of the frame, so a minimum of door and frame preparation is required. The 81 Series is compatible with most door closers and features an extremely reliable hold-open function.

410 Series Holders and Stops

he 410 Series holders and stops offer the industry’s widest variety of functions, base materials and finishes to fit all medium- to light-duty applications. The perfect combination of form and function, they offer effective door control and a low-profile design. Each model is constructed so that the channel is encased within the door and the jamb bracket is mortised in the frame. When the door is open, the arm and jamb bracket are visible. Conversely, when the door is closed, the entire holder is completely concealed.

450 Series Holders and Stops

The 450 Series surface-mounted holders and stops offer the widest variety of functions, materials and finishes to fit all light- to medium-duty applications. The visible components are available in a wide variety of architectural finishes to complement any design. The 450 Series is designed for installation in virtually all types of doors and frames, including doors with conventional butt hinges, offset pivots, continuous hinges, swing clear hinges and many other specialty hinges.

70/79 Series Holders and Stops

The 70 Series and 79 Series surface-mounted holders and stops are designed to meet the demands of high-traffic industrial applications. Compatible with various door closers, the models come with templates to allow for many mounting positions, ranging from a 85° to 110° hold-open/stop angle. The 70 and 79 Series holders and stops offer rugged durability and ease of installation. The surface-applied door and jamb brackets provide reliable door control and require minimal door and frame preparation.

280 Series SensaGuard™ Holder and Release Smoke Detector

The 280 Series SensaGuard features an internal ionization type smoke detector, powered by a single nine-volt battery. Its fail-safe operation automatically releases the door when battery power drops below 7.2 volts. The 280 Series SensaGuard is ideal for a variety of facilities, including schools, hospitals, office buildings, and multifamily residential units. It is easy to install and requires no external wiring. It is UL listed for fail safe electronics.