Zero International

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Top-quality perimeter sealing systems and thresholds for optimal door performance. Allegion’s Zero International brand is recognized as the standard for quality in door sealing hardware. Their perimeter seals and thresholds are engineered for durability and reliable performance even under the most challenging installation and operating conditions. Their sealing products also support green building applications by promoting heating and cooling efficiency.


  • Thresholds: With high quality materials and construction, ZERO thresholds are designed to stand up to the demands of heavy traffic applications and those with extreme temperature differentials.
  • Automatic Door Bottoms: They ensure an efficient seal with an adjustable plunger that is compressed against the frame as the door is closed, activating a concealed flat spring mechanism. This mechanism drops the seal smoothly from the housing in a scissor-like motion. The seal compresses on either even or uneven surfaces and retracts automatically when the door is opened.
  • Perimeter Seals: Zero door gaskets for protecting head, jam, sill, and meeting stiles are engineered for reliable performance in demanding environments.
  • Weatherstripping: ZERO offers a comprehensive selection of kerf seals and pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) rubber seals in a variety of materials
  • Intumescent Solutions: ZERO’s portfolio for fire protection applications are made of top-quality materials and backed by their engineering and code expertise
  • Sound Control: Zero uses advanced technology to master two critical challenges: creating an effective sound barrier at the perimeter of the door and preventing gaps in that barrier for the life of the assembly.