MegaMet Industries

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MegaMet is a leading manufacturer/supplier of quality specialty doors and custom hollow metal doors and frames. Quick delivery of products designed and fabricated in the USA. Investments in advanced forming and welding technologies enable consistent capability. Their product lines feature unique heavy-duty construction for acoustic, ballistic, blast, detention, EMI/RFI, FEMA, over-sized, radius, stainless, veneering, and x-ray as well as many other life-safety solutions. They are a proud contributing Member of NAAMM/HMMA influencing technical documents and industry affairs.


STC Sound Control Door Assemblies are designed to limit the transmission of sound or objectionable noise, from outside of the room. The two methods of rating are Sound Transmission Class (STC) or Sound Transmission Loss (STL). MegaMet’s proprietary assemblies were tested in accordance with ASTM E-90 and achieved up to STC-56, using the rating system established in ASTM E-413. An extensive variety of door, frame, and gasket combinations were tested in order to maximize choices of performance levels.

MegaMet’s STC Door Sound Control Assemblies (Models 3A and 4A), consists of the door, frame, perimeter seals, gasketing, cam-lift hinges and threshold. Door bottom options include, their exclusive integral, adjustable, and best of all, removable (without having to take door down). This door bottom is also concealed for a much more appealing look. They also offer Models 1A with H.W. 4-1/2″ butts (x3, by-others) and 2A, with H.W. 5″ butts (x4, by-others), for a “level swing” design, which includes an ADA approved threshold. Locks, butt hinges, door closure, and all other hardware are by their distributors. Hardware recommendations are contained in SDI-128 and HMMA 865, “Guide Specifications for Sound Control Hollow Metal Doors and Frames”.

Their mid-range STC units proudly exceed the 30 to 40 ratings from ANSI S12.60-2002 required by “LEED 2009 For Schools” (IEQ Credit 9) and greatly exceed the minimum recycled content (by weight) of all other LEED 2009 publications.

Pressure and Blast-Resistant

Door Assemblies are designed to resist exterior blast pressures, minimum, SDI A250.8, physical performance Level A, Model 2, with welded edges. Door Assemblies have successfully passed 1.0 “PSI” of Static Pressure Loading in accordance with ASTM E-330. This pressure was surpassed in both seating and unseating configurations, these seating pressures, have also passed the “Out-swing” requirements of, UFC 4-010-01. Large Missile Impact level “D” was met as well. They are certified under positive pressure testing UL 10 C and ISO 3008, as well as, IBC 2003, NFPA 80, HMMA 861 and they meet or exceed SDI 100 manufacturing requirements such as Cycle and Twist protocols.

Ballistic (Bullet-Resistant)

Ballistic performance (resistance) is based on Performance Levels as specified in UL-752 published by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. This Document specifies the method of conducting the tests, the projectile, the weight of the charge, the velocity (speed) of the projectile and the number & location of the impacts. Similar to other performance tests, such as for acoustics, windstorms, or fire protection, the test simulates specific controlled and repeatable conditions and acceptance parameters. These are not necessarily “real life” situations, nor are they intended to cover every possible weapon or distance. For example, it does not replicate firearms discharged at “point blank” range. The term “bulletproof” is widely but incorrectly used. No hollow metal materials are considered bulletproof, only bullet resisting for a specified charge and projectile

  • 16ga or 14ga Stiffeners 
  • 14ga, 12ga & 10ga CRS, A60 or G90 Galv., also available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316 with a # 4 finsh
  • Constructed with inner Shield or Ballistic Plate 
  • 1-3/8”, 1-3/4” for Bullet Levels 1, 2, and 3 or 2″ thick for Bullet Levels 4 through 8 up to UL 3 Hour Fire Rated
  • Square or Beveled Edge choices: 
  • Seamless Welded Smooth Seamless Edges 
  • Must use our 12ga frames
  • Bullet Resistant Glass for Lights, meets same Ballistic Certification Level as Door